Type of Solar Panel

Split Solar panels – using half cut cells

Poly PERC / Mono PERC – Passivated Emitter Rear Cell

Bifacial Solar Panels – Dual sided panels and cells

Multi Busbar – Multi ribbon and wire busbars

Dual Glass Solar Panels – Frameless double glass

Shingled Cells – Overlapping cells

IBC – Interdigitated Back Contact cells

HJT – Heterojunction cells


Make Headquarters Manufacture Eff%** Warranty*
1 LG Sth Korea Sth Korea, USA 21.7% 25 yr
2 Sunpower USA USA, Mexico, China, Philippines 22.6% 25 yr
3 REC Norway Singapore 21.7% 20 yr
4 Solaria USA USA 20.5% 25 yr
5 Panasonic Japan Japan, USA 19.7% 25 yr
6 Qcells Sth Korea Sth Korea, China, USA 20.1% 25 yr
7 JinkoSolar China China, USA 20.4% 12 yr
8 Trina Solar China China, Vietnam 20.5% 12 yr
9 Canadian Solar China China, Vietnam 20.3% 12 yr
10 LONGi Solar China China 20.6% 12 yr


Here, take a look at Our Top Picks

MONO / POLYBRANDWATTMAKEWEIGHT (LBS.)/KGSMODELPRICEPOLYAstronergy Solar335CHINA18.0/KGCHSM6612M-335 SilverCall for PricePOLYT Solar310PAKISTAN18.0/KGCHSM6612M-310 SilverCall for PricePOLYCanadian Solar345CHINA19.0/KGTSPP – 4U- (36) – 160WCall for PricePOLY PERC Canadian Solar 350 Watt Poly PERCCanadian Solar350CHINA22.5 kg (49.6 lbs)CS3U-350MSCall for PriceCanadian solar kumax cs3u-p 360 WattCanadian solar kumax cs3u-p 360 Watt360CHINA22.5 kg (49.6 lbs)kumax cs3u-p 360 WattCall for Price395W PERC ModuleJA Solar390CHINA22.3kg±3%JAM72S09 375-395/PRCall for PriceMONO MONO PERC 440 WattCanadian Solar440CHINA24.9 kg (54.9 lbs)HiKU CS3W-440Call for PricePOLYJA Solar330CHINA19.0 /KG
Call for PriceMONO PERCJINKO Solar400CHINA22.0 /KG
Call for PriceJinko Cheetah Plus MONO PERCJINKO Solar435CHINA24.5.0 /KGJinko Cheetah Plus 435 watt mono PERCCall for PriceLONGi Solar MONO PERCLONGI Solar440CHINA23.50 /KGLR4-72HPH 425-455M mono PERCCall for Price