Solar Inverters on Grid
We Choose to Supply best Inverters in Pakistan. Our Inverter (On Grid Solar Inverter / Grid Tie inverter )range start from 1KVA to 50KW string On Grid Inverters. Theses Inverter Imported from China, Taiwan, Austria, Austrila and Europe. Inverter in Pakistan imported into following ranges and type.

1). Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan (off grid solar inverter).

Solar Inverter prices in Pakistan (off grid solar inverter) vary according to size and type of Inverter. Solar Inverters are essential to Solar system to work effectively. Our Solar inverters are best for Pakistani atmosphere conditions so they work successfully with no warmth up issues. Solar inverters in Pakistan cost depends on the type of inverter and their Efficiency.
We regard our clients as accomplices, we invite part partnerships, for example, with the solar dealer, and get the acknowledgment important to goad the improvement of a solid system of group accomplices and social accomplices, and business people and non-benefits.

Pakistan’s economy depends on agriculture and 70 per cent of the population lives in rural areas. Farmers working hard day and night, investing in crops, and getting loans in the hope of earning enough profits. Unfortunately, the frightening energy crisis has had a profound impact on agriculture as well. Farmers are unable to operate the pipeline wells due to lack of electricity and high diesel prices. The installation of a traditional generator means spending all the money on diesel or gasoline without getting one file. At this time of disappointment, Pakistan emerged as solar traders as a hope for Pakistani farmers who were making efforts to make both parties meet and were thwarted by critical conditions.

Top 6 Solar Inverters – Residential & Commercial

Below we describe the top 6 residential solar ‘string’ inverters for 2019 based on availability, quality, features, monitoring, warranty and service, together with expertise and feedback solar installers and industry professionals around Pakistan. There are also a number of famous inverter brands which are highly regarded by many solar installers listed below.

Best Solar Inverters In Pakistan 2019 (on grid solar inverter / Grid Tie inverter)

1.   Fronius – Eco and

2.   Solis 4G

2.   SolarEdge – SE and HD wave

3.   SMA – Sunny boy

4.   Sungrow– SG-KLT

5.   ABB – UNO

6. GoodWe

1. Fronius

Fronius Inverters have surged in popularity since the release of the snap-in design 5 years ago. The high-end Austrian manufactured inverter range has definitely become the inverter of choice for many domestic and commercial solar installations.


2. Solis 
Solis Inverter

25-40kW Three Phase Inverter
Leading Features

  • Over 98.8% Max. effciency
  • 7.0″ LCD color screen display
  • Optional AFCI function
  • Wide voltage range and low startup voltage
  • Four MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  • Compact and light design, easy installation

3. SolarEdge



New SolarEdge HD wave solar inverters without display – System monitoring via cloud app

SolarEdge inverters have becoming increasingly popular in Australia, USA and around the world over the last few years due to the unique design using DC optimisers which enable individual panel level monitoringSolarEdge inverters have been becoming increasingly popu

lar in

SMA Sunny Boy Australiaunny Boy AV solar inverter

German manufacturer SMA Solar Technologies was regarded as the best string inverter manufacture on the market before the Fronius snap-in series took the top spot in 2019.

5. Sungrow

Sungrow Inverter

Founded back in 1997 by a university professor, Sungrow is one of the largest suppliers of solar inverters globally and a leading Chinese inverter manufacturer.


6. ABB

ABBThe new UNO inverter from ABB

Update July 2019 – In a surprising move ABB decided to sell it’s entire solar inverter division to FIMER, a well established Italian based inverter manufacturer who will take over ABB’s solar division in early 2020.

7. GoodWe


New Goodwe solar inverter

GoodWe is a large, well known Chinese inverter manufacturer established in 2010. The new generation Goodwe DNS series has had great feedback from installers so far. Many Chinese brands have a mixed reputation in Australia due to some previous quality issues, but have improved considerably over the last few years.