10 kW solar system

Is a 10 kW solar system in Pakistan is right for your home?

A 10 kW solar system is the best way to produce electricity from solar energy and decrease your bills to zero. With Net Metering System you will be able to sell the excess electricity that your system produces. These systems are the best and can give you benefits. Moreover, it will provide you with free energy for the coming 20 years. It is a small investment that goes a long way. As the solar system becomes popular day by day, the cost of solar is also cheaper over time. More peoples want to install a larger size of the solar system to get long-lasting benefits. This has led to a 10 kW solar system becomes rapid popular solar energy solutions for small offices and large homes. It is still a worthful investment that you might need that much energy or not.

How much does a 10 kW solar system cost in Pakistan?

As of June 2021, before incentives, the solar energy system will cost about $25,000 based on the average cost of the solar system. Also, after tax credits, it will be 20,000. It is also important to keep in mind that the price of the solar system varies from area to area. Moreover, in some areas, the additional cost of installation of the solar system may reduce even more.

How much does a 10 kW solar system will produce?

According to researches, a 10 kW installation kit will produce the 11,000 kW hours to almost 15,000-kilowatt-hour of electricity per year.

10 kW solar systemThe best estimates of produced energy can be determined by area sun time.  Because in some areas the sun time is low and in some areas it is high. With the same in some areas, the solar power is high and climate is well n good most of the time, but it is not in some areas. So, the actual energy produced varies and depends on the area where you live. As because, in the sunnier area, it produced more electricity than in an area with less sunlight.

You can read or search more about how much electricity a solar panel produced based on the area location.

Is this solar system is best for the home?

Yes, this solar energy system will cover the average household energy needs of about 10,500 kWh of electricity per year. We know that the energy needs of the home are different from the average household. Energy consumption can also vary a lot from city to city. Homes in Karachi, for instance, will use more electricity than homes in another city. So, a 10 kW solar system might be ideally suitable for homes in every city or all over Pakistan.  It might be too big for a home, which uses less energy on average.

Moreover, it produces enough electricity that you may go for off-grid. The only thing you have to install the batteries to store the excess of electricity that a 10 kW solar system will produce.