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The most unique thing about Pak Solar Traders, may be that you are reading the website of a solar installation company that actually does its own work. We are a Lahore, Punjab Medium business, but we have been doing this work for over a decade and it is what we love…bringing this amazing green energy solution to regular people just like us.  Saving you money, getting off the grid, and saving the planet: we really, really like that.

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The president of Pakistan Solar Traders is Naveed Ahmed. He’s also the guy who will come to your house and talk to you about how all this stuff works.  Whether you have studied every technical and economic detail of solar energy systems , or are completely new to the idea, Team will be able to speak to you with 100% confidence and integrity about what you can and can’t expect from your solar installation.

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For over a decade, Pakistan Solar Traders has been entirely focused on Solar Energy system installation and Energy Storage solutions. We are complete solar system installation company. We provide, Design, electrical integration, and solar maintenance for your home or business solar panel system.  Because we are licensed electricians, we also design and install back-up power systems such as Generators and back-up battery systems for home or business, as well as Electrical Upgrades, power monitoring systems, and LED retrofits.  All done without the expense of having to hire somebody else to do all this.
If you are considering a solar installation company for your home or office solar panel system, we hope you’ll put us on your short list of companies to talk to.

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