100Kw Solar System

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100Kw solar System100kW solar system feature approx. 280 to 350 solar panels and require around 656m2 of roof area. Your business could save more than 60% of your energy usage with a 100kW solar panel installation.

A 100kW solar PV system is comprised of quality components made up of solar PV panels and a solar inverter. These costs can be anywhere between PKR 100 X 100KW = PKR 10,000,000 and will depend on the brands you select for your solar system.

Space Required for 100kW solar panels?

A 100kW solar system has around 280 to 350 PV panels. Each panel measures around 1.6m x 1m, so you’ll need at least 656m2 of roof space. A size comparison of commercial solar systems can be viewed here.

How much power produces?

On average, this system generates 400 to 480 units per day. For a large manufacturing facility, this covers 60%-70% of their electricity consumption.

How much green energy can save me?

How much money you get back from your solar system will depend on how much electricity you’re able to utilize at your business. Operating at 85% utilization, This solar PV system will save them PKR. 6,68,000 annually. If you’re able to utilize even more of the solar energy your system generates, this figure could be even higher.

What’s the average payback period of a 100kW Solar System?

A good quality solar system will deliver a full return on investment within 3 to 5 years.
Plus, by taking advantage of one of Infinite Energy’s many finance options, like Solar Leasing, you can remain cash flow positive from day one.

What kind of business does a 100kW commercial solar PV system suit best?

This system’s great for large manufacturing facilities and organizations with high energy usage. We’ve installed 100kW systems at Gilmac, a premier exporter of Australian hay and straw located in York; Universal Seafoods, an importer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler of high quality seafood supplies in Canning Vale; and RAC WA in West Perth, to name just a few.

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