15HP Solar Tube Well

15 HP Solar Tube well / Water Pumping  Irrigation  

The energy generated by the Solar System is used directly to pump the water. There are no requirements of batteries or charge controller.

Solar Tubewell In Pakistan


Standard system consists of:

  • PV Solar modules
  • Submersible Pump / Monoblock Pump
  • Pump Inverter / VFD Inverter

Mainly used for:

  • Drinking Water pumps
  • Agriculture


  • No Fuel Cost / No hassle / almost 0 maintenance
  • No energy storage required / No batteries

Suggested Solar Solution

  • Solar Panels
  • MPPT Pump Inverter
  • Installation of Submersible Pump
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • High Water Discharge
    • More Reliable
    • Cold Motor / Monoblok
    • Low labor and maintenance costs
    • No fuel costs
    • Long Life



15kw solar tubewell  Is good enough to support 20 acar land minimum.
18kw veichi vfd MPPT made in China Top class VFD
15 HP monoblock Pump motor 
Galvanized mounting structure 8 panel /10 Panel or 14 it depends on the customer Choice
Surge protection DC Breakers for solar panels
DB box Water Proof / Simple indoor use with filter
Solar panel 325 /350 /360 watt Poly A Grade made in China up to 15KW