In this century the world is managing sustainable power source assets. At the end of the day we have to discover elective wellsprings of vitality. There are some surrogate sources like wind control, hydro control, utilizing coal, petroleum derivatives and Solar System vitality. It’s our obligation to discover which source would suit us that we could parley our issues in a savvy and proficient way. Hydro Power has been a huge development in which power created because of the movement of water as water is unfathomable wellspring of vitality. It is well suited in our southern zone like Sawat, Kashmir and Gilgat Baltistan; where NGOs are dealing with these minor projects. Legislature of Pakistan is likewise chipping away at Dams to achieve our future vitality objectives. Second way is wind power, this strategy is extremely helpful in those regions where wind weight is very high like sloping regions mountains and wind homestead can likewise be found seaward. China have the biggest wind control capacity of 6000 MW with the future objective of 20,000 MW in 2020.Most productive, practical, cheap and sustainable power source is sunlight as It doesn’t have any dangerous waste. The fuel for sunlight based boards can’t be purchased or consumed so it is free for all to utilize. Its establishment is very simple so it can introduce wherever on the grounds that it requires just daylight to create electricity. As a result of its shabby establishment cost a large portion of local and in addition mechanical load have been moving to sun oriented power. Germany is 100% on Solar framework which have half pinnacle hour as contrast with Pakistan. India will change over 20% of its power in 2019 on Solar System. As coal control plants are a major wellspring of contamination that is the reason we are additionally attempting to move towards sustainable power source assets. Quaid e Azam Solar Park is activity venture by Government of Punjab with the limit of 100 MW. In spite of the fact that a few organizations like Inverex and Fronius are working nonstop to give quality material and administrations yet at the same time we need financial specialist in this field since we need to see our nation succeed and developed. We need one Pakistan, green Pakistan.